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52-Week Savings Challenge

March 23rd, 2015 at 08:38 am

52-Week Savings Challenge
Week 12 (save to Week 15)

The unexpected $100 snowflake I blogged about last week really bumped me up here, I'm now three weeks ahead on this challenge. (Which might be handy in May, when I'll be out of town for a week and so probably won't have much chance for snowflakes.) I had several good deals and ExtraBucks from CVS last week, stocking up on Easter candy mostly. We also had our "Family Financial Summit" yesterday and I got reimbursed for some stuff, so I'm counting that, too.

Copyright Fee - $100.00
Reimbursement - $29.23
CVS Savings - $15.08

Total Snowflakes: $144.31
Rounding (to reserve): $0.31

Beginning Balance: $297
Deposit: $144
Ending Balance: $441

Reserve: $0.11 + $0.31 = $0.42

This puts me at almost 32% of the Challenge, and we're just over 23% through the year, so I'm a bit ahead at this point.

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  1. VS_ozgirl Says:

    Nice Smile

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