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52-Week Savings Challenge

March 1st, 2015 at 08:15 pm

Down to just the regular challenge now!

52-Week Savings Challenge
Week 8

Interest hit yesterday, of course, and I had rounding from the checking account. I'm including the excess from the Mega challenge. I got a car wash today, since it was finally warm enough (at 23 degrees, sigh). I was out running errands and went to a different place than usual -- which was $3 less than I was planning on spending, so I'm counting that, too!

Mega reserve - $2.24
Checking rounding - $13.37
ING Interest - $3.03
MSD Interest - $5.22
Chase Interest - $0.03
Car Wash Savings - $3.00

Total Snowflakes: $26.89
Rounding (from reserve): $0.11

Beginning Balance: $174
Deposit: $27
Ending Balance: $201

Reserve: $0.55 - $0.11 = $0.44

This puts me at just over 14.5% of the Challenge. Week-wise we're 17.3% through the year. (I'm not necessarily trying to match that, but it's interesting to me to see how it compares.)

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