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Thanksgiving, Black Friday, and Elitism

November 30th, 2014 at 02:06 am

I had a long post written, spurred by an incredibly elitist comment on a blog here (though honestly I don't know why it surprised me), but of course I took too long for the software to deal with it and for whatever reason my Lazarus add-on for Firefox got uninstalled, so I can't recover it. Probably for the best, it was fairly pointless and rambling. Wink

We postponed Thanksgiving due to illness -- my sister and my husband. Since our celebration is only five people (one of whom is sis's 5-year-old daughter) we figured it was better to reschedule than have a big meal for two people. (We live within 15 minutes of each other so it's not difficult to get together.) We'll have our dinner next Sunday instead. Thankfully we figured it all out before anyone did major prep work for Thursday's meal!

I broke my self-imposed rule and left the house on Black Friday. Since the news was reporting expected and actual smaller-than-usual crowds, I figured I'd check out the parking lot and see how things looked. Honestly it was no busier than a normal weekend. I went to Kohl's, since I needed jeans and winter boots and I had a $10 coupon plus 15% discount. I got the jeans on sale, a few tops on either a 55-60% off sale or clearance, and found some boots for $25, marked down from $80. (I only really walk from my car to the office and back, so I don't need heavy-duty winter boots, just something other than heels.) I also got a new set of microfiber sheets; we bought some last year and they're like sleeping on a cloud. They haven't pilled up too badly, either. I usually like to have two sets of any 'type' of sheets, so that I can put one on the bed while the other is on the laundry, but these are $120 regularly and I won't pay half that for sheets. They were on sale Friday for $30 -- major score. Overall I spent $110 -- so got $30 Kohl's cash back -- and saved $290. (My typical Kohl's goal is to save at least twice what I spend, so I'm happy.) S needs some new business-dress pants (he ended up heading down to see family early Friday morning, as he was feeling better) so we'll use the $30 for that next week.

(Still a little pointless and rambling, but far less so! Wink )

5 Responses to “Thanksgiving, Black Friday, and Elitism”

  1. creditcardfree Says:

    You did great at Kohl's. I'm curious about the elitism comment you were upset about. Smile

  2. LivingAlmostLarge Says:

    I'm curious about the elitist comment and hope it wasn't me. :P

  3. FrugalTexan75 Says:

    Sorry about family members being sick on Thanksgiving. Hopefully they'll feel better soon.

  4. PatientSaver Says:

    After heavy traffic en route to the mall caused me to turn around and go home on Friday, I got up and out of the house early (8:30ish) to find the mall largely empty. It sure didn't feel like a pre-Christmas weekend. I guess everyone who takes their holiday shopping seriously wereout on Friday.

  5. doingitallwrong Says:

    Oops, missed these earlier! No, LAL, it wasn't one of your comments (or one of yours, ccf!). Smile I think it might not have set me off as much at a normal time of the year, but I on top of the Black Friday ads shaming the person who woke up in the wee hours to save hundreds (in comparison to the person who slept in and saved thousands -- by purchasing a new car), it just put me over the edge. Anyway, it's done and dusted now! Family seems to all be feeling better and we're looking forward to our feast on Sunday. I also ventured out one last time over the weekend because I had a Bath & Body Works coupon expiring -- $10 off a $30 purchase plus one free full-size item. They were having a great sale, too, so I got $73 worth of stuff for about $22. Smile (Plus $15 off of $40 or $10 off of $30, which works out well because the person whose name I drew for Secret Santa (the day after my shopping trip, of course!) wanted some things from there.)

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